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If you are interested in supporting our Foundation you can make donations to the Savings Account: # 796148872 of the Bank of Bogota, social reason Fundación Puerta de luz.


The Foundation constantly rewards children with candy and small toys as part of our program's weekly incentives. At the very minimum, 10,000 candies are given to the children monthly. These special "gifts" represent a great meaning for each child, because it lets them know how important they are to us. The Foundation accepts different types of donations which are appropriate for children and adolescents. Included in this list are: school supplies, sweets, toys, clothing, or any other items useful in the development of the foundation's activities. You can bring or send your contribution to street 71a # 87b-34 sur Bosa Independence). In case your donation is of a monetary nature, please choose from the options given below.

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